Roman St Albans

Roman St Albans


The ancient city of Verulamium grew from an Iron Age settlement, or oppidum, to become a prosperous Roman provincial town.

Destroyed by Boudica in the 1st century AD, it recovered to become a significant Roman town, complete with theatre, forum and basilica. Parts of the city walls still stand and a hypocaust hints at the luxurious lifestyles enjoyed by wealthy Romano-British citizens.

St Albans

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What to Expect

  • Guided tour of the Verulamium Museum along with a visit to the museum’s stores with curator David Thorold, to see some of the published material from the Wheeler collection along material from the Wheeler collection along with other artefacts
  • Visit to the Roman theatre, which is the best preserved example of its kind in Britain, and also to the Roman town house, which boasts a famous hypocaust and hypocaust mosaic

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