Greece, home to sun-bleached ruins and the setting for legendary myths known the world over, is the ultimate destination for those passionate about archaeology and history. With stunning landscapes and a storied past, Greece offers a perfect holiday for many, but especially for the historically inclined.

Greece is where it all began. This is the land that gave rise to theatre, medicine, western philosophy and mathematics. From the rugged mountains surrounding Delphi to the crinkled coastline of the Peloponnese, Greece offers an abundance of sites to explore on an ancient Greece tour with Andante.

The dramatic landscapes of Greece have been imbued with divine significance throughout its vast history. The vertiginous mountain ranges and mysterious valleys were seen as sacred spaces:

  • Vale of Tempe: Associated with Apollo and the Muses
  • Dodona and Delphi: Dedicated to Zeus and Apollo, respectively
  • Meteora: Home to hermit monks seeking closeness to God in isolated mountain retreats

Greece is also famed for its beautiful island groups, including the Dodecanese and the Cyclades. These islands are more than just picturesque locales; they played crucial roles in Greece’s cultural development. Positioned at the crossroads of Europe, Asia Minor, Africa, and the Near East, the Aegean islands facilitated prosperity and cultural exchange. This began with the Bronze Age Cycladic culture and the remarkable Minoan culture in Crete, the first significant civilization in Europe.

The Hellenic rebirth in the Archaic period, spurred by interactions with Egypt and the Phoenicians, laid the foundations for what we now consider European civilization. Greece’s influence on Rome and subsequently on Europe is profound. Visiting the magnificent Classical sites of Athens, Olympia, and Corinth is akin to a pilgrimage, bringing the pages of Herodotus and Thucydides to life and offering insights into our own origins.

Join us on a Journey Through Ancient Greece

While Greece may be a familiar destination, our unique and innovative itineraries offer experiences that are often imitated but never matched. As you explore this country, you’ll see how its environment and geology have shaped its history. From the divine landscapes to the ancient ruins, every corner of Greece tells a story.

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