Brazil – Rock Art & the Pantanal

Brazil – Rock Art & the Pantanal


In a remote corner of northeast Brazil, amongst the sandstone cliffs, rocky canyons and deep valleys of the Serra da Capivara, there are hundreds of prehistoric sites. Pedra Furada meaning ‘perforated rock’ was the first site to be excavated here by Brazilian archaeologist, Niéde Guidon and her findings caused uproar, challenging the Clovis theory that Homo sapiens arrived in the Americas 12,000 years ago. According to UNESCO, in light of these findings, the region represents one of the most significant archaeological sites in the world, and an outstanding testimony to one of the oldest human communities in South America. 


Led by Dr Paul Bahn, this is a very special tour indeed, taking us to prehistoric sites seldom seen by foreign travellers. We will meet site archaeologists who will bring us up to date on the latest developments connected with these amazing discoveries and travel into the park by off road vehicle to see as much of the area as possible. We may catch sight of some of the animals depicted so beautifully in the rock art–armadillos, anteaters, ocelots, guans, agoutis, lizards, red deer, wild pigs, as well as a variety of birdlife. 


After our brush with prehistory, we will journey from one remote region to another flying south and travelling into the Pantanal, one of the most biologically rich environments on the planet, saturated with wildlife and an absolute gem for photographers and naturalists alike. Here we search for jaguar, giant otter, anteaters, capybara, hyacinth macaw.


16 Days


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  • What to Expect

    • Visit two remote regions only just opening up to mainstream tourism and enjoy them whilst they remain unsullied by crowds 
    • Enjoy the wonder and fascination of prehistoric rock art in situ precisely where the artist intended it to be 
    • Examine a remarkable assemblage of prehistoric art depicting wild animals, human figures skirmishing, dancing and hunting 
    • Discover the rich flora and fauna of the Pantanal, the world’s largest inland wetland area

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