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Agatha Christie, the ‘queen of crime’ and the best-selling author of all time, also went by the title Lady Mallowan and had a deep passion for archaeology. Her second marriage was to Max Mallowan, a famous British archaeologist who she met during a visit to the excavations at Ur, near Baghdad. During their life together, Agatha accompanied Max to several of his excavations in the Middle East. Here, she gained inspirations for some of her most popular novels such as Murder in Mesopotamia and her autobiographical account Come, Tell Me How You Live where she wrote about her experiences on excavations and travels in Syria and Iraq in the 1930s. This tour sheds light on, on the one hand the archaeological work of Max Mallowan with finds from his excavations on display in the British Museum, and on the other hand, Agatha Christie’s life in London viewing some of the places she lived at, worked at or used as inspiration for settings in her books.

Tour highlights:

  • Gain insights into the archaeological work of Max Mallowan and view finds from his excavations in the British Museum
  • Enjoy a walking tour of London tracing the footsteps of murder mystery novelist Agatha Christie
  • Get an introduction to the sources of inspiration of some of Agatha Christie’s most well-known books
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